Below are the latest articles from National Underwriter, covering the latest developments at American International Group and the Federal Government’s involvement in that company. The articles cover the March-April 2009 period.

TARP watchdogs question infusions at AIG

AIG sells private bank for $308 million

Lawmaker slams Greenberg

Justice joins bonus battle

Geithner: stop regulatory arbitrage

Liddy weighs in on bonuses

Greenberg: AIG unit bonuses “unfathomable”

AIG names aid beneficiaries

Obama seeks to bar AIG bonuses

Obama, Cuomo attack AIG retention program (updated)

Lawmakers eye AIG payments

AIG hearing sparks OFC debate

Panel displays AIG contracts

Bonus backlash spawns back-backlash

State regulators defend AIG role

Official challenges Bernanke legal excuse

Dems question AIG transactions

AIG sells 2 units

Barofsky: Feds are probing bonuses

NAIC makes AIG assignments

AIG sells Thai units

What’s next for AIG?