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Seven lead gen tips that work

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What are you doing in these tough times to generate leads? I’ve enlisted the help of marketing specialist Jeff Dobkin to provide you with effective tips on lead generation.

The following are Dobkin’s latest lead gen tips that work:

1. Offer something FREE. While pens and imprinted items are fine, if you can create a special report with a title that everyone “MUST” have, people will call to get it.

2. When people call, the ad or postcard worked. That’s all it could do — it made people call. The rest of closing the sale is up to you.

3. It is the title of the FREE paper or FREE booklet that makes people call. Use the Jeff Dobkin 100 to 1 Rule: write 100 titles, go back and pick out your best one.

4. When writing the word “free’ use all capital letters to make it stand out: “FREE”.

5. Use a bulleted list of reasons to call — if one works, people will call.

6. State a number in the title. It’s definitive and lets people know each point will be brief and, well … to the point.

7. In your phone call pretend there is something you don’t know — and state that you’ll get back to the person with the answer. This will allow you to call back. This begins a relationship.