Half of U.S. employer health plan members admit that they are not sure how well the plans would cover medical expenses related to cancer treatment.

Researchers at Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, Columbia, S.C., a unit of Unum Group Corp., Chattanooga, Tenn., have published that finding in a summary of results from a survey of 1,067 US. Adults who were employed full-time and enrolled in an employer-sponsored group health plan.

About 51% of the participants admitted that they do not have a clear understanding of what types of cancer-related expenses their health plans would cover.

The researchers also found that 40% said they did not know whether their health coverage would cover most of the expenses if they or a family member were diagnosed with cancer

Workers ages 55 and older seemed to be more familiar with plan cancer benefits than younger workers were, but 38% of the workers in the 55-and-older age group said they do not have a clear understanding of plan cancer benefits, the Colonial Life researchers report.