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Pursuing the American Dream...with hard work

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Every business, to remain in business, must be structured to generate profits. The American Dream is built around one theme: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

My job, as a professional sales person, is to initiate recognition of “need” in the minds of prospective clients. The task then escalates into transferring enthusiasm from my heart into the hearts of clients, my friends. Success is measured in transferring our “better solutions” into our client’s portfolio for retirement.

In the current stock market dilemma, my “soon-to-be” client has often been victimized via downward pressures emanating from negative market conditions. Simply put, they have lost ground in the mud fight of the economy.
One of my new clients sent a liquidation request to his well-known brokerage house. He requested an immediate transfer of the remainder of his account into an equity linked indexed annuity we had recommended. He determined to learn more about an A+ rated carrier and the assurances available from that EIA alternative.

In his letter, he stated, “Our reasoning is that we paid (company name) over $16,000 to manage our funds in the last two years and as a result we have experienced nearly $188,377 loss that does not make good business sense.” My 80-year-old client then added, “considering my age, I do not have enough time to recuperate my loss and I may be at risk to lose more.”

Opportunities abound for advisors to assist customers in protecting their retirement funds. Your clients have worked hard, sacrificed to save, only to witness massive erosion of their principal. The very best strategy, in most circumstances, is found in an EIA.

These are people who, in general, need our services more than ever. I am happy to report that we have not had a single client phone or write us over concerns stemming from losses of their retirement nest egg. They can sleep well each night. They have confidence over the fact their income stream in retirement is safe and secure.

Improving profitability in your practice requires you to market your skills and services to prospective clients. Host events for current clients and encourage them to bring their friends along as special guests. Many marketing doors are open and waiting for you to enter. Pick up the phone, initiate the call, send your monthly newsletter (you do have one, don’t you?) and just share your great story of economic hope. By putting the prospect first, you will, in fact, improve the profitability of your practice.