The past year has been hard on boomers. Research from The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. shows keeping up with daily expenses; last year, boomers’ biggest concern was enjoying life.

Boomers in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain were most concerned about getting by; over half of people polled in each country said that was their biggest worry. Americans were only slightly less concerned; 49.7 percent of boomers said staying afloat was their biggest concern.

Some highlights from the survey:

  • In the United States, 27.4 percent of boomers don’t know where to go for advice, compared to 26.9 percent last year, and 19 percent in 2006.
  • Over 79 percent of Americans lack confidence in their own knowledge of financial planning.
  • Anxiety is high (77 percent), but preparedness is low; 45.4 percent of Americans haven’t planned for retirement.
  • Nearly three-quarters of boomers (74.6 percent) feel at least one of their sources of income will fail them.