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12 commandments for winning in tough times

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While the current economic situation may have your clients in a panic, you can find plenty of opportunity in the turmoil. Matt Oechsli of The Oechsli Institute and Registered Rep Magazine offers 12 tips to help you develop a tough defense and a pro-active offense.

  1. Stay calm and confident. Listen to experts, but filter out the hype.
  2. Focus on events you can control.
  3. Activate your achievement cycle. Set goals and work on them, even if you’d rather be doing something else.
  4. Balence your life. Stay healthy to keep your energy up and stay on your “A” game.
  5. Craft your story. You must be the filter for your clients, sifting through hype to communicate facts.
  6. Be proactive with your contact. Your clients are looking for help. Make sure you’re the one they turn to by contacting your top relationships.
  7. Get face-to-face with your clients. Help your clients solve their problem, communicate the resolution clearly, and make sure they understand.
  8. Surprise and delight your clients. Go out of your way to do something special for your top clients. A small, thoughtful gift is all you need, but you have to know your clients well to effectively do this.
  9. Source affluent prospects. Always have your antennea up when your affluent clients are talking to pick up names of colleagues, family members and friends.
  10. Penetrate your clients’ centers of influence. Ask to be introduced to someone within their center of influence.
  11. Hold a market update event. Invite your top clients and their guests.
  12. Get on the affluent playing field. People are scared and asking questions. Always be prepared to answer those questions.