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Pain-free ways to increase sales

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  1. Find the common ground. What is there in the rapport-building that “clicks” — something that sparks the conversation and takes it deeper?
  2. Find the engagement. How meaningful can you make your questions? Get to the heart of what’s important to your prospect.
  3. Find the need. In conversation and two-way dialog precipitated by your questions, uncover the real needs. Find the symptoms and address the needs.
  4. Find the desire. By exposing desire you at once understand how important your product or service is to the prospect.
  5. Find the opportunity. Common ground, engagement, need and desire will expose the one element necessary for you to make sales: opportunity. Your job is to discover how to take advantage of it.
  6. Find the value. And prove it. Perceived value is the basis for moving forward.
  7. Find the improvement or productivity. Everyone wants to improve and become more productive.
  8. Find the profit. Don’t “save me money.” Show me how I put money in my pocket.
  9. Find the decision maker. Focus attention on the person who can say yes. Spend time finding him or her. Talking to non-deciders is a pain.
  10. Find the urgency to buy. Once you find this, your sales cycle will be cut in half, or more.

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