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"We believe that you can make a great living telling the truth, that what you do should be driven by the goals of the client"

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Michael and Joshua Blaker wrote more than $15 million last year! Michael is one of Anil Vazirani and Secured Financial Solutions leading advisors, and was the top advisor for Secured Financial Solutions in 2007. Anil Vazirani has been a great source of inspiration and support. Since joining Vazirani and Secured Financial Solutions Blaker has increased his annuity production significantly. Crediting Anil’s one on one mentorship and case design; due in large part to the fact that Anil is available 24/7 on his cell phone.

What is the secret of his success? What drives such amazing production numbers? “We believe that you can make a great living telling the truth, that what you do should be driven by the goals of the client. We believe that we can, and should, prosper at the benefit of, not the expense of, the client. We ask ourselves. ‘If this were my mother, my father or if this were my money, would I give the same advice?’” Blaker says.

To shed some light on what drives such large production numbers. Blaker gives an example of one of his best cases of the past year. “Our goal is to leave tax-free, probate free cash to the spouse and heirs while eliminating time, taxes, and risk. My best case this year involved a 1035 exchange of $1.6 million to an index annuity. As good as this was, it was only the beginning. The client (age 76) decided to take my advice and arbitrage these funds. He purchased a $1.6 million life insurance policy. His family now gets both the annuity and the life policy. I didn’t complain about getting paid on both pieces of business. We doubled the families’ money and my commission.”

Like many of Secured Financial Solutions top advisors, Blaker values family and mentorship as foundations for building a strong business. “Find an experienced mentor you can trust. Also work with individuals you trust. My son, Joshua, has been working with me for 11 years and is the vice president of operations for my company. He started off running the back office, and now we work together out in the field. Joshua is great at relationships with our agents and our clients. As a father and son team we are on track to hit at least $16 million in annuity production and over $500,000 target premium in life insurance.”