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One of my favorite quotes is, “Help people get what they want, and you will get more of what you want.” A large percentage of our clients come to us because they were referred by a friend who is also a client. People will be much more receptive to you and to your presentation if they know their friend is also a client.

Clients are much more likely to recommend your services when you’ve provided them with opportunities and rewards for doing so. A successful client referral program begins with you. When you meet with a new client or with existing clients, remind them what you offer, particularly if you have a wide variety of exciting events designed exclusively for your clients.

If your goal is to conduct public seminars throughout the year, consider encouraging your clients to invite their friends to attend the seminar. At every public seminar, there is usually at least one client there with a referral. The client gets to enjoy a free meal and increase their chances of winning prizes.

A client newsletter is also a good way to develop a community and to keep clients informed about upcoming events. I recommend a quarterly newsletter, to start. It could eventually grow into a monthly publication, depending on your schedule.

Another good idea is to start off the year by sending every client a list of all your seminar dates and locations. Clients know when you’re going to be in their area and can plan ahead to attend.

Client referral dinners are an excellent way to give your clients the opportunity to introduce their friends to you and your business. Of course, you’ll want to make the dinners a little more extravagant than your regular seminars; but, you’re still going to be giving the same presentation you provide to the general public. These events are also great opportunities to nurture your client relationships. Spend time chatting with your guests and introducing your staff.

Remember, people are more likely to send new business your way when they’re receiving something in return. In 2007, 41 percent of my sales came from clients sending referrals and/or doing new business with me. Remember to develop specific guidelines for cultivating relationships with your clients so that you too can get more of what you want by giving your clients what they want.

Richard Berry is the president and owner of Berry Financial Group, Inc. in Dillon, S.C. Responses and questions can be sent to [email protected].