Most grandparents, although ready and able to help with their grandchildren’s college fund, have not been able to formulate a concrete plan with their children to do so.

A new Hartford Financial Services Group study finds that 65 percent of grandparents surveyed say they plan to contribute financially to their grandchildren’s education, but less than one third have coordinated a college savings plan with their children.

Despite the lack of a formal plan, there is good news, according to the survey — Over half of grandparents who plan to contribute will give more than $10,000, with a quarter of those planning to contribute over $30,000, to their grandchildren’s college education. Furthermore, 60 percent of grandparents believe their children could benefit from a discussion with a financial advisor.

The findings could come as a surprise to many parents; according to a College Savings Foundation survey, only 22 percent expect grandparents to help with college education funding.