For me, it works out great that our advisor comes to the house. He’s actually a family friend and we get together and go over the finances twice a year. Last time, we cooked out and had barbeque. It might be better at the office if we didn’t have a good relationship already. Like I said though, we’re old friends.”

- Virginia W.,
62 Denver, Colo.

Definitely the home. I have had some health problems lately and it makes it easier for him to come to my house. We’ve been working together for quite a few years now so it’s not awkward for him to come by a couple times a year.”

- Abe O., 78
Los Angeles, Calif.

I prefer to meet at the office. Before I retired I never liked to mix business and personal and I still don’t. My advisor and I get along fine, but I still prefer to get our work done at his office.”

- Nancy R., 70
Salt Lake City, Utah

It doesn’t make any difference to me. We’ve met at the office and at my house. What’s important is that I have someone that I can trust. If I can’t trust the person, I don’t want to meet them anyway.”

- Bart M., 73
Orange, Calif.