Tony Purpero

Senior Financial Advisor and Consultant

Partnervest Financial Group LLC

510 Castillo Street

Santa Barbara, California 93101

Phone: 805-966-1266

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site:

Year firm founded: 2001

Number of advisors in firm: 53

Number of corporate advisors: 1

Avg. annual gross production per advisor: $210,000

Avg. AUM per advisor: $25 million

AUM in fee-based programs: $800 million

Reps with their own RIA: 3.8%

CFPs in total rep force: 28.3%

Avg. years experience per advisor: 14

Year joined firm: 2005

Education: University of Utah

Previous incarnations: Medical student; broker;

senior portfolio manager

Source: Information on Partnervest from Investment Advisor 2008 Independent Broker/Dealer Directory