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What do you think about the fear that the wave of baby boomers becoming seniors will overwhelm Social Security and Medicare?

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I don’t really worry. It’s my kids that should be worrying. After all, they’ll be paying for my Social Security when I get to that point. But I hope the government puts a good plan in place soon, otherwise I’m afraid my kids won’t benefit from any of the money they paid in.”

- Rene S., 57
Dayton, Ohio

I don’t know what most people think, but to me it’s all just politics. I think the current administration is using this fear of Social Security running out to push their plan for privatization – and that’s just not fair. Why should younger people have to deal with it on their own when their parents and grandparents will get the money they’ve paid in [to Social Security] when they retire?”

- Frank D., 62
Sarasota, Fla.

Let’s just say I hope it doesn’t happen. I hope that our legislature and policy guys will be forced to recognize the problem and do something about it before time runs out. That said, I don’t think they’ll just let it all go to pot – they will have to do something. What that might be, though, I don’t know.”

- Karl R., 50
Casper, Wyo.

I’ll probably be dead by then, so I’m not too involved with that whole argument. My wife and I never had kids, so that makes it easier not to care.”

- James W., 74
Salem, Mass.