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Equity income

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  • 62%: Percentage of financial advisors who think the right mix of fixed income and equities for retirees has changed over the past 20 years.
  • 71%: Percentage of advisors who think retirees’ and near-retirees’ portfolios will contain more equities.
  • 75%: Percentage of advisors who believe future retirees should have a higher portion of equities in their portfolios than current retirees.
  • 63%: Percentage of financial advisors who view equity income as an asset class.
  • 80%: Percentage of advisors who would recommend equity-income products to their clients.
  • 64%: Percentage of advisors who recommend stock-focused portfolios or portfolios evenly split between stocks and bonds for senior investors.
  • 66%: Percentage of seniors who pursue portfolios with an even balance of stocks and bonds.

Source: Eaton Vance Corp.