The retirement wave is coming. To address some of the questions that are sure to arise and provide some potential solutions, the MetLife Mature Market Institute conducted a study, ?? 1/2 Searching for the Silver Bullet: Leading Edge Solutions for Leveraging an Aging Workforce,?? 1/2 to provide tips for employers:

  1. How to create and leverage a network of former employees.
  2. How to rehire retirees indirectly on a project basis when pension restrictions prevent direct re-employment.
  3. How to hire retirees with special expertise to innovate on critical projects.
  4. How to tap the expanding pool of older people seeking employment.

?? 1/2 When it comes to solving the problems of an aging workforce, the glass is both half empty and half full,?? 1/2 says Dr. David DeLong, president of David DeLong Associates Inc. ?? 1/2 Organizations can focus on the barriers or the opportunities.

The full study is available online at