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Comparing the Contenders

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Morningstar Steele Systems fi360 Klein
Area Principia Mutual Fund Expert fi360 Tools Fund Selection Tool
Customer Service Good Good Good Good

(Annual unless otherwise stated)

MF Basic $550

MF Advanced $770

Stock Basic $550

Stocks Advanced $770

Personal $22 (monthly)

Professional $52 (monthly)

Pro Plus $62 (monthly)

Silver $675

Gold $975

Platinum $1,375 (Can be paid monthly)

Single Site License $1,495

Corp License $8,000

Data Source Morningstar Basic data provided by Morningstar, plus in-house calculations Morningstar Morningstar



Data Update Frequency Monthly or Quarterly Monthly or Quarterly Quarterly MS & Klein monthly

Fi360 quarterly

Number of Users 49,303 “Several thousand” 1,250-1,500 100 licenses
Strengths Comprehensive research data on over 24,000 mutual funds including ETFs and Indexes with analysis and investment detail reports. Ability to customize reports & graphs. Can combine chosen graphs into report.

Easy to compare & track portfolios.

Historical data back to 1962.

Excellent tools supporting fiduciary practices. Ability to create a weighted factor model instead of a screening tool.

About 200 factors to select.

Weaknesses Limited trailing years No stock database

(planned for Q1 2008)

No integration with CRM software.

Does not allow for automatic input of client data.

No ability to create portfolios of mutual funds (by design).
Fund Search Capability Uses a screening process. Uses a screening process. Searchable by ticker for up to 100 funds at a time. Uses a screening process.
No. of data points in search 255+ 700+ 21; As of 01/08, 31 200+/-
Portfolio Creation Capabilities Yes Yes Yes No
Uniqueness Mutual fund module’s advanced mode provides in-depth historical research data and more than 1,500 analyst reports, plus fund-to-fund comparison reports. Can choose information from over 30 template reports and create customized, personalized reports. Fiduciary tools: 90% of fi360′s clients work as or with a fiduciary. Fiduciary scorecard. Allows user to create a weighted factor model.
Intuitive Input Good Good Good Good
Clarity of Output Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Help Menu Good Good Good Basic
Exporting data Yes; limited to Excel Yes-Unlimited to Excel Yes-to Excel Yes-to Excel
Investment vehicles covered Mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, VAs, closed-end funds, separate accounts Mutual funds, VAs Mutual funds, ETFs, separate accounts, VAs (01/08)) Mutual funds, ETFs
Platform Desktop Desktop Web Web
Phone Number 800-735-0700 310-281-5533 866-390-5080 919-233-6767
Location Chicago Los Angeles Pittsburgh Raleigh, NC
Employees 1,680 NA 13 7
Year Formed 1984 1988 2000 2001