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Questions to ask to find the right coach

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  1. Will you assist me with the actual implementation of your system?
  2. Will I be able to quantifiably measure the impact you have on my business?
  3. Will you have a mechanism to ensure your ideas become habitual?
  4. Do you have a process in place to ensure that I become self-sufficient to prevent me from drifting back to old habits over time?
  5. Will your system ensure consistency amongst my entire team?
  6. Are there mile markers to show my sequential progress as the program is unfolding?
  7. What are the primary “payoff” benefits of your program?
  8. What is the ROI range and average achieved by your clients?
  9. Can I see testimonials from former clients in a situation similar to mine?
  10. Do you accept anyone who can afford it or are you selective?

Source: Duncan MacPherson, co-founder of Pareto Systems, a practice management and business development firm.