A supplemental insurance specialist is using its famous spokesfowl to raise money for charity.

Aflac Inc., Columbus, Ga., says it once again will be teaming with Macy’s to sell stuffed Aflac Duck toys at many Macy’s stores in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, San Diego and Virginia.

Aflac and Macy’s also are adding an Aflac gift card to the program.

The duck is dressed as Santa Claus. When squeezed, it says, “Aflac, Aflac, Aflac!”

When the Holiday Duck Gift Card opens, it also quacks, “Aflac, Aflac, Aflac!”

The duck costs $10 for a 6-inch version and $15 for a 10-inch version, and all duck sales proceeds will go to benefit 32 children’s hospitals around the United States, Aflac says.

The cards are available for any amount over $5, and a portion of card sales proceeds will go to the children’s hospitals.