Americans say if they are to save more money, they need to be paid more and the economy needs to improve, according to a new Allstate Insurance Co. survey.

The Allstate “Retirement Reality Check” survey for 2005 found many Americans financially stretched.

However, respondents said they are disciplined (87%), educated about investments (71%) and good savers (78%), according to Allstate, Northbrook, Ill.

Even 79% of those who said they “dread” retirement called themselves disciplined, as did 84% of those who are “apprehensive” about retirement.

Yet a disturbingly high 56% of respondents said their savings and investments total less than $100,000, not including their home. And 53% said they have less than $75,000 in accounts earmarked for retirement, such as individual retirement accounts, 401(k) or 402(b) plans, or in taxable accounts.

Allstate found 64% admit to feeling overwhelmed about how to finance their retirement, and 58% worry they’ll outlive their savings.

By far the number 1 savings trigger is making more money, cited by 84% of respondents.

The number 2 motivator was getting closer to retirement, cited by 71% of respondents, while having children finish college was number 3, cited by 61%.

And 60% of respondents said that the economy needs to improve if they are to save more.