Our intent with this column during 2004 has been to help you cope with bigger competitors by showing you specific steps to help level the playing field. Here’s a month-by-month rundown of what we covered.

January: Taking on the Goliaths Defining the basic problems facing independent advisors and presenting the argument that your written words can become your most powerful weapon.

February: Making Your Presentations Count Explaining how to communicate your hidden value in your presentations to clients.

March: Take a Stand Being clear about your position and how to present that expertise.

April: Keep Those New Clients Coming Rather than relying on passive referrals, how to take actions that build credibility and pathways back to you.

May: The Cure for Advisor Block Seven steps to follow when giving a speech or writing a paper, brochure, or article.

June: By the Book How to get published.

July: Media Partner Building visibility through locating and partnering with local media.

August: The True Meaning of Value Examining why overwhelming your clients with services and products doesn’t make you any different than the competition.

September: The Value of Storytelling Showing the secrets of making your ideas and processes memorable, and offering practical steps for designing your story.

October: Attraction Marketing Fulfilling a basic marketing need–making yourself familiar and expanding your sphere of influence.

November: Preparing for the Spotlight You don’t have to invent it to present it.