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Colleen Knopinski’s firm administers the Kolbe and Caliper personality and work-style tests to all prospective employees. Why? “If you have people doing things that come naturally to them and are their areas of gifting and their passion,” says Knopinski, “they’re not only more productive, they’re happier.” Which of the following Kolbe descriptions fits you?

“Fact-finders” like to:

  • o collect data
  • o establish priorities
  • o provide historical evidence
  • o quantify and rank order
  • o assess probabilities
  • o define terms
  • o seek specificity
  • o create analogies
  • o put it in writing

“Quickstarters” like to:

  • o take risks
  • o promote experimentation
  • o discover alternatives
  • o act on instinct
  • o generate metaphors
  • o defy the odds
  • o ad lib

“Follow-through” types like to:

  • o seek order
  • o establish procedures
  • o provide charts
  • o work sequentially
  • o force closure

“Implementors” like to:

  • o create tangible goods
  • o master mechanical devices
  • o seek quality materials
  • o build hand-crafted models
  • o develop prototypes
  • o demonstrate spatial relationships