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The Virus Hall Of Shame

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Following are some of the most frequently observed viruses for the month of July, as reported by antivirus software maker Central Command of Medina, Ohio.

Worm/Klez.E. This is the number one worm of all time in terms of proliferation, the company says. It forges the “From:” address of the sender and can be executed by simply viewing the e-mail within the preview pane of Microsoft Outlook.

Worm/Sobig.E. In addition to having mass mailing capabilities, this worm can communicate user-sensitive information back to the author of the worm once the machine has been infected. In order to avoid corporate detection at the e-mail gateway, it arrives as a ZIP file.

Worm/BugBear.B is described as a “highly vicious Internet worm.” Once executed, it installs a keylogging software program and a means to receive instructions from the virus creator. It can disable antivirus and personal firewall applications.

Worm/Sobig.A was the first version of five (so far) Sobig worms. It arrives in a users inbox as coming from [email protected].

Worm/Sobig.C. Instead of [email protected], this worm arrives as coming from Bill Gates ([email protected]). It also has the ability to appear as if it has been sent by a family member or friend.

Worm/Sircam.A. This worm has the ability to locate, retrieve and attach potentially confidential documents (from the My Documents folder) and send them to other users.

Worm/Ganda is a mass mailing program that arrives with a list of random subject lines and text messages. The e-mails are political for the most part.

Worm/Hawaii.E, also known as Worm/Holor.H, spreads via e-mail and uses the file-sharing program Kazaa, utilizing enticing filenames. The “From:” address has been seen to be from an antivirus software vendor, says Central Command.

Worm/Avril.A is a worm that exploits the well-known name of singer Avril Lavigne.

W32/Yaha.E carries an e-mail message associated with love or friendship. If the worm is executed, the desktop screen will become scrambled and shake. Windows will not be able to reboot correctly.

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