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The Top Performers

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The VA subaccounts with the highest returns in 2001.

1-Year 3-YearInceptionInsuranceNameReturnReturnDateExpense

AXP RetrmAdvVA RoyceCap Micro28.53%N/A9/21/990.95%

BOA LastSvr NSAT SmCapVal28.2820.29%5/1/980.80

BOA LastSvrII NSAT SmCapVal28.28N/A10/15/980.55

BOA ModSPVL NSAT SmCapVal28.2820.295/1/980.90

BOA ModSPVLII NSAT SmCapVal28.28N/A10/15/981.00

BOA NextGener NSAT SmCapVal28.28N/A2/18/980.60

Trilogy MLSC ValFoc28.0722.892/2/981.40

Trilogy NY MLSC ValFoc28.0722.892/2/981.40

AdvEdge EndvrDR SmCpVl27.9520.2010/13/970.75

Visionary Chce RoyceCap Micro27.9127.709/2/971.40