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5 Great Financial Resources for Staying Informed

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What You Need to Know

  • Here's how to keep up with the economy as a whole.
  • And to know what smart people are reading today.
  • There also are lots of tax, marketing and sales-strategy tips to be found.

This past year has presented challenges we have not had to deal with in our lifetimes.  For many of us, the traditional methods we’ve been using to find clients were significantly disrupted.

The pandemic has caused a tectonic shift in the way we market, communicate with clients, and do business. In these challenging times, how do we, as advisors, keep up? Stay relevant? Adapt in this fast-changing world?

Finding the right resources to stay current and relevant is critical.

ThinkAdvisor is one great resource.

The following are a few of my other favorites.

1. Truth in Accounting

Truth in Accounting is a great resource to stay current with the country’s financial state, states, cities, and pensions. For example, the federal government has $3.9 trillion in assets and $117.2 trillion in bills. That is a $113.2 trillion shortfall. This breaks down to a burden of $737,000 per federal taxpayer.

At the state level, 39 of the states don’t have enough money to pay all their bills. At the city level, 62 of the 75 most populous cities don’t have enough money to pay all their bills. Where is the government going to get this money? Shouldn’t you be asking your clients and prospects this?

Truth in Accounting will keep you current.

2. Van Mueller

Van Mueller is an informative force who produces an outstanding monthly newsletter. What he discusses you can take out and use the next day. He provides links to source articles.

You can try to read and compile this yourself or have it delivered from a leader in our industry. There is no good reason not to subscribe to Van’s newsletter.

3. Ed Slott

Ed Slott is America’s CPA. He does not sell life insurance; he teaches why it is so valuable.

Ed says “the tax exemption for life insurance is the single biggest benefit in the tax code. It should be more widely used as both a retirement and estate planning vehicle.”

Read his books and articles; you will walk away with a much better understanding of how life insurance can be used and how to communicate it to your clients.

4. Kevin Knebl

Kevin Knebl has helped financial advisors gain over $400 million in sales, referrals, and assets under management. His straightforward, practical approach will revolutionize your view of LinkedIn and how to use it.

The first time I heard him speak, I had valuable things I could use. It took no time to implement and no cost to do them. What he teaches goes beyond adjusting your profile. He will change the way you communicate.

5. Hipcat Society

Chris and Shannon Mackey founded the Hipcat Society. They have a process to bring professional branding, marketing, media hub and website development together in a way no one else does.

Their pricing is reasonable, but even better, it doesn’t require a lot of your precious time to produce extraordinary results. I use them on an ongoing basis.

Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” I owe much of my success to wonderful men and women who have helped me. All of the above are part of this group.

Use the information and systems these giants have developed and used to increase your direction and goal.

Mark CokerMark Coker is a retirement planning specialist at Sage Financial.  


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