One small girl in a big, speaker frame, along with four children in thumbnail frames below. One of the children in a thumbnail frame is upside down. The ‘Amazing Mom’ commercial in AIG’s new ‘We See the Future in You’ campaign features a child explaining why what her mother does matters. (Credit: AIG)

The financial and retirement arm of American International Group launched a new television ad campaign this past weekend.

AIG’s Life & Retirement unit began running the first commercial in a new “We see the future in you” campaign on ESPN and CBS, during the 2020 PGA Championship. (The three-day tournament took place in San Francisco and ended Sunday.)

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In reaction to the ad, popular financial industry blogger Michael Kitces tweeted: “Welcome to the new era of Reg BI marketing.”

AIG started the ad campaign with “Amazing Mom,” a commercial that was created remotely, due to COVID-19 social distancing concerns.

The commercial features a child talking about how her mother helps people see into the future, while her classmates wriggle in the thumbnail windows below.

“I’m a financial advisor,” the woman says at the end of the ad.

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