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Women in WealthTech: Estee Jimerson of Envestnet

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Jimerson has over 20 years of experience working for asset managers and platforms/distributors. At Envestnet, she is responsible for all asset management products on the platform, as well as the economic model between Envestnet and the asset managers distributing through its platform.

She also leads the team that maintains relationships with asset managers across the firm’s suite of services. Her duties include chairing Envestnet’s managed product acceptance committee, facilitating Envestnet’s strategic engagement with asset managers and publicly advocating industry trends and best practices.

Prior to joining Envestnet in 2015, she spent eight years at Morningstar Investment Management, where she led the National Accounts team. Jimerson is on the Money Management Institute’s board of governors, the Envestnet Institute on Campus’ Women in Wealth Management board and the mentorship committee of Women in ETFs. She attended Kean University and spent six years in the United States Naval Reserve.

Why is your job special? I am proud to work for … a cutting-edge fintech firm, where we work day in and day out to help advisors turbocharge their practices and improve client outcomes.

Studies have shown that advisors who use advanced technology integration, like that provided by Envestnet, are able to manage more assets, can allocate more time to client management (vs. operations) and therefore take on more clients and grow their practices.

Also, given the immense scale Envestnet enjoys, we are in a unique position to remove cost and friction from the advisory workflow, and I’m thrilled to be able to be part of that.

What do you focus on most in your job? I am 100% focused on the intersection that takes place between our clients and our asset manager partners on our wealth management platform. For a lot of this, I rely on our analytics platform, through which I can draw conclusions from the reams of data we are able to collect.

What are you bullish on in the short term? The distribution and use of model portfolios; technology has allowed asset managers to easily scale and deploy their investment IP across multiple platforms.  I see this trend continuing (and accelerating!) in the future.

And long term? I’m curiously hopeful as to what effect blockchain may yet have on financial services, from account opening to trading and custody.

What keeps you up at night? As an industry, we’ve got to get better at delivering scalable savings and budgeting assistance to lower-income individuals, who most need this assistance.

Who does she admire? I admire and respect Cheryl Nash, president of Fiserv Investment Services.

In addition to being smart and successful, she is huge proponent of women and diversity in the industry and has done so much to support other women.

Go-to info sources? I find both Bill Winterberg and Michael Kitces to be two super-knowledgeable people who have a thorough understanding of the advisor tech space.

Favorite app or tech tool on the job? I travel constantly, so I use travel apps a lot. The American Airlines app is very cleanly designed, intuitive and easy to use.

And off the clock? I also like the Fidelity app for some of my personal brokerage accounts, and Instacart for my grocery shopping and deliveries!