Here's a sampling of 3 LIAM 2018 images...
1. Unum
Unum aims squarely at consumers, with questions about what might keep them up at night.
2. Global Atlantic
Global Atlantic is drawing attention to a possible strategy for actually improving people's health: increasing use of life insurance-based wellness financial incentives.
3. Transamerica Agency Network
Transamerica Agency Network has... a baby.

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The current Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) campaign creates an interesting natural experiment for agents and brokers: a chance to see how different market players respond, at roughly the same time, to the same marketing challenge.

In this case, the challenge is: How to get consumers, employers and society as a whole to think more about protecting families against the risk of premature death.

The boomers are getting older and need help with creating reliable streams of retirement income.

They and their parents face long-term care risk.

Everyone faces health risk. Anyone could get a bad case of the flu, or a break a leg, at any time.

And… death is still out there.

In the slideshow above, we show how image designers at Unum, Global Atlantic and Transamerica’s Transamerica Agency Network responded to the “promote life insurance awareness” prompt.

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