15. NFL Player Annuity Program | BrightScope rating: 88.78 | Net assets: $1.07 billion (Photo: Bloomberg)
14. Bayer Corporation Savings and Retirement Plan | BrightScope rating: 88.81 | Net assets: $4.60 billion
13. Pfizer Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 88.84 | Net assets: $11.51 billion (Photo: Bloomberg)
12. Google Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 88.94 | Net assets: $7.67 billion (Photo: AP)
11. Anadarko Employee Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 89.59 | Net assets: $1.53 billion (Photo: AP)


10. Amgen Retirement and Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 89.64 | Net assets: $4.28 billion (Photo: AP)
9. Chevron Employee Savings Investment Plan | BrightScope rating: 89.64 | Net assets: $19.38 billion
8. UPS/IPA Defined Contribution Money Purchase Pension Plan | BrightScope rating: 89.80 | Net assets: $1.4 billion
7. Novartis Corporation Investment Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 90.11 | Net assets: $7.51 billion
6. The Savings Plan of Saudi Arabian Oil Company | BrightScope rating: 91.34 | Net assets: $2.12 billion (Photo: AP)


5. NFL Player Second Career Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 91.67 | Net assets: $1.77 billion (Photo: AP)
4. Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Retirement Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 91.75 | Net assets: $4.12 billion
3. United Airlines Pilot Retirement Account Savings | BrightScope rating: 92.55 | Net assets: $7.48 billion
2. American Airlines, Inc. 401(k) Plan For Pilots | BrightScope rating: 92.57 | Net assets: $5.43 billion
1. Delta Pilots Savings Plan | BrightScope rating: 92.77 | Net assets: $8.34 billion


BrightScope released its annual ranking of the top 401(k) plans with more than $1 billion in assets.

BrightScope’s Top 30 list consists of large 401(k) plans with high overall quality, as measured by the BrightScope rating.

The BrightScope rating algorithm analyzes more than 200 data points per plan and calculates a numerical score for every 401(k) plan in the country. The algorithm runs thousands of simulations for each plan to determine how quickly the average 401(k) participant will get to retirement via their employer’s plan.

“Over the years, the average 401(k) rating keeps improving, showing that America’s employers and employees are committed to improving their 401(k) outcomes,” Brooks Herman, vice president of data and research at BrightScope, said in a statement.

This is BrightScope’s ninth year tracking America’s 401(k) plans.

According to BrightScope, the traits that defined the top plans included generous company contributions, immediate plan eligibility and immediate vesting.

This year’s Top 30 list includes 26 plans with immediate eligibility and 29 plans that offer immediate vesting of company contributions.

Low fees and high participation rates were other common traits found among the top plans.

Among plans found in this year’s Top 30 list, the average total plan cost dropped to 0.22%, according to BrightScope. BrightScope also saw participation rates climb to over 97% in this year’s list.

Check out the gallery to see the top 15 plans from BrightScope’s list of the top 30 401(k) plans with more than $1 billion in assets.

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