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Top 14 Finance & Insurance Companies With Happiest Workers

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With a tightened labor market, job seekers can finally afford to be picky about where they want to work. Naturally, no one wants to end up in a dour Dickensian environment chained to their computer eight hours a day cursing about their boss.

So ThinkAdvisor curated PayScale’s Hero Award list that encompasses 267,067 salary profiles from more than 62,000 employers in the U.S. ThinkAdvisor extracted just the finance and insurance companies with the most satisfied full-time employees.

PayScale measured a company’s satisfaction among employees who were asked to rank the statement “I am extremely satisfied working for my employer” on a five-point scale from 1 – Strongly Disagree to 5 – Strongly Agree. So a company with a 100% rating means that all of its employees that completed the survey were extremely satisfied. PayScale said that this represents the percentage of employees selecting a 4 or 5. The percentage rating doesn’t mean the employees scored their company a 5 in each of seven categories, like Manager Relationship, Appreciation, Company Outlook or Fair Pay. PayScale added that Company Outlook and Appreciation were the “main drivers of employee satisfaction.”

Please check out the gallery above for the Top 14 Finance & Insurance With Happiest Workers.

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