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5 Top Annuity Videos of the Year

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One way to find out what’s happening in the annuity market now is to play with your computer.

Interest rates have been low. Regulations have been complicated. Hurricanes have eaten into prospects’ planning time, by forcing them to focus on near-term disaster prep, instead of the long-range kind.

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But, now, interest rates look as if they might, finally, rise. Washington looks as if it will either ease regulations, or focus more on infighting than on fighting you. And it’s possible that the weather could calm down.

Meanwhile, insurers, distributors and publishers have been posting videos about annuities online, and giving hints about what they’re thinking, and what they think their clients and prospects might be thinking.

To help you get ready for the coming upturn, and give you ideas about how to develop seminars and videos of your own, here’s a look at the five most widely viewed annuity videos, that are at least 20 seconds long, posted by U.S. organizations on YouTube in the past 12 months, with the sharing function enabled.

One lesson you could draw from these videos: When you’re trying to get a large number of views for a video about annuities, simplicity usually helps.

A second lesson is that makers of annuity videos should recognize that total view counts are likely to be modest. A clever high school student might get 100,000 views with a short video about why a new horror movie is bad. Meanwhile, a relatively successful video about annuity crediting strategies might get just 500 views. Would-be annuity video makers might want to think hard about what the viewership will be when planning how much time and money to invest in annuity video project.

5. Great American Insurance Group: 5,090 views

This video explains the point-to-point index methodology for annuities.

Moral: Simple how-to videos that explain the basics often do very well.

4. Great American Insurance Group: 5,341 views

This video explains declared and indexed methodologies for annuity interest rate crediting.

3. Steve Savant: 5,635 views

Steve Savant here talks about why a conservative investor might consider buying indexed annuities.

2. Alliance Group: 9,394 views

This video simply explains what an indexed annuity is and how indexed annuities work.

1. New York Life: 2.2 million views

This top-performing ad features Lou Bega, a singer. The video simply explains that income annuities can generate retirement checks every month.

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