It’s estimated there are 13.5 million millionaires living in the United States, according to the Credit Suisse 2016 Global Wealth report. Though many in the public eye live in big cities, many, too, prefer small-town life.

Omaha isn’t necessarily a small town, but Warren Buffett has kept it his home despite his riches, embodying that “off-the-grid” thinking.

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Certainly tax rates can make a difference, but the two small towns with the largest absolute number of millionaires also have the highest state tax rates. Apparently, sometimes it’s worth paying the price to live where they do. (Tax rates were sourced from Money Zine, a website providing information and calculators for financial planning). On that note, here’s Kiplinger’s list of top 10 small towns with the highest concentrations of millionaires:

Welcome to Nevada Sign.

10. Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada

Millionaire Households: 1,445
Total Households: 20,566
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.0%
Median Income for All Households: $58,535 (U.S. overall: $53,889)
Median Home Value: $272,000 (U.S. overall: $178,600)
State Income Tax: None

Just a few miles east of the southern tip of Lake Tahoe, this Nevada town provides a safe haven for regional millionaires, especially from California. With the low tax rates of the state, including no state income tax, Gardnerville Ranchos provides relief from grueling taxation. It’s a beautiful area for both winter and summer activities and has easy access to Silicon Valley and Las Vegas. For the lobbyists among the millionaire population, the state capitals of Carson City and Sacramento are a short drive away.

Truckee-Grass Valley, California

9. Truckee-Grass Valley, California

Millionaire Households: 3,007
Total Households: 42,612
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.1%
Median Income for All Households: $54,177
Median Home Value: $383,400
State Income Tax: Highest bracket: 13.3%

Just north of Lake Tahoe on the California side, in an area surrounded by lakes, Truckee-Grass Valley offers plenty of summer and winter recreation as well as beautiful surroundings. Despite California’s high state tax rate, Truckee-Grass Valley is a welcome respite from the crowds and congestion of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, just a couple of hours’ drive away.

New Hampshire State House in Concord.

8. Concord, New Hampshire

Millionaire Households: 4,136
Total Households: 57,844
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.2%
Median Income for All Households: $68,566
Median Home Value: $220,400
State Income Tax: 5% on dividend and interest income only

Just 90 minutes north of Boston, Concord offers a folksy New England atmosphere with a certain sophistication that comes with being the state capital. Located along the Merrimac River, the city also offers up American history, both old and new, as it’s the first state to vote in the U.S. presidential election primary season.

Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts. 

7. Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

Millionaire Households: 589
Total Households: 7,995
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.4%
Median Income for All Households: $64,222
Median Home Value: $660,800
State Income Tax: 5.1% flat rate

Vineyard Haven is a community within Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful island on the Nantucket Sound side of Cape Cod. Especially popular in the summer, the quaint area, cooled by the Atlantic Ocean breeze, is big on water sports and bicycling. Despite the nickname Taxachusetts, the state and this island still draw the monied crowd.

Downtown Easton, Maryland.

6. Easton, Maryland

Millionaire Households: 1,190
Total Households: 16,006
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.4%
Median Income for All Households: $58,228
Median Home Value: $319,500
State Income Tax: Highest Bracket: 5.75%

Away from the craziness of Washington, D.C., Easton sits on the east side of Chesapeake Bay. Residents have close access to the District and Annapolis, the state capital, as well as beaches and areas for water sports. According to Kiplinger, Maryland has the most millionaires per capita, which makes being a lobbyist look pretty good.

The Historic district of Fredericksburg, Texas.

5.  Fredericksburg, Texas

Millionaire Households: 837
Total Households: 11,244
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.4%
Median Income for All Households: $54,859
Median Home Value: $238,300
State Income Tax: None

Oil millionaires found out long ago the charms of little Fredericksburg, which lies in the rolling hills of Texas, about 90 miles from San Antonio as well as Austin, the state capital. The town is a haven for outdoor activities but also has a sophisticated entertainment scene. And just down the road is the LBJ ranch, where the 36th U.S. president is buried.

Riverwalk in Edwards, Colorado.

4. Edwards, Colorado

Millionaire Households: 1,520
Total Households: 19,685
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.7%
Median Income for All Households: $72,214
Median Home Value: $419,400
State Income Tax: 4.63% flat rate

Located just west of Beaver Creek and Vail, this picturesque small town offers an almost quaint European feel with cobbled streets, great restaurants and boutique shopping. Summer offers plenty of hiking, golfing and fishing, while the best skiing is just down the road. Although Vail and Aspen are known hot spots for the monied, Edwards has that small town feel of home.

Williston, North Dakota.

3. Williston, North Dakota

Millionaire Households: 1,166
Total Households: 14,913
Concentration of Millionaires: 7.8%
Median Income for All Households: $88,013
Median Home Value: $201,400
State Income Tax: Highest bracket: 2.9%

On the opposite side of the state from its famous state sibling Fargo, the west North Dakota town of Williston is located on the Missouri River near its confluence with the Yellowstone River, and just a short drive to Montana and Canada. It sits atop the Bakken Formation, which is the source money for the town’s oil-rich millionaires. That said, how long Williston will be on the top small town list is at the mercy of the shale oil drilling boom that grew much of the Dakotas in the past 10 years and now has declined.

Burr Pond state park in Torrington, Connecticut.

2. Torrington, Connecticut

Millionaire Households: 5,995
Total Households: 74,673
Concentration of Millionaires: 8.0%
Median Income for All Households: $70,667
Median Home Value: $248,300
State Income Tax: Highest bracket: 6.99%

Just west of Hartford, and about about 70 miles from tony Greenwich, Torrington is nestled into a valley in the Green Mountain area in the northwest region of the Nutmeg State. Although small, Torrington has all the attractions for the monied crowd including art galleries and good restaurants. It also has the picturesque New England feel, with covered bridges and brilliant fall foliage. And despite Connecticut’s taxes making it one of the priciest states to live, many millionaires like to call it home.

Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

1. Juneau, Alaska

Millionaire Households: 1,109
Total Households: 12,986
Concentration of Millionaires: 8.5%
Median Income for All Households: $85,746
Median Home Value: $323,500
State Income Tax: None

Most of the millionaires in Juneau made their money from the oil business, which has been a boon to the state. That said, their fates rise and fall with energy prices, and with the growth of alternative energy, keeping and making their millions might be harder. Juneau is remote, but the state capital, and has the old Western feel of a boomtown. And though weather can get cold in the 49th state, Juneau benefits from its Pacific coast location, which provides more temperate seasons. One of the best parts of living in Juneau or the rest of Alaska, other than the state’s incredible beauty, is there is no state income tax, and the state pays residents a dividend from oil proceeds.

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