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Our favorite stories of 2015

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Here at, we have a great team of very talented and experienced writers, analysts, experts and editors, who strive to bring you the best coverage in the financial and insurance industries.

And while we have covered the top insurance stories for 2015 and offered you the outlook of 2016, we haven’t talked about our favorite stories of 2015.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite stories for 2015.

Which ones where your favorites and why? And what would you like to see more of in the coming New Year? Feel free to email us or comment below!

Allison Bell, Health Insurance Channel Editor for

1. Puerto Rico crisis could dump 600,000 out of Medicaid

“The Medicaid funding crisis in Puerto Rico may be unusual in many ways, but it might be a good idea to stop saying how unusual it is and look harder to see whether there are any similarities between what’s happening there now and what could happen later in the 50 states.” – Allison Bell.

2. Last-minute filers narrow PPACA tax credit reporting gap

“The idea of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) turning into the chief Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) watchdog is mind-boggling. The role of the IRS has turned releases of tax filing data into a kind of data-driven equivalent of the Game of Thrones. In the case of the tax credit form filing plot line, it seems as if an appealing character that appeared to be dead — the working-poor tax credit recipient — crawled out of the grave and came back to life.” – Allison Bell.

3. Complicated young adults: How do you get them covered?

“The fact that PPACA has put suspense into tax filing data boggles the mind. The fact that the IRS and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services now have to write what amount to dozens of mini soap operas to implement PPACA also boggles the mind.” – Allison Bell.

Warren S. Hersch, Senior Editor, Advanced Markets & Sales for National Underwriter Life & Health; Life Insurance Channel Editor for 

1. 30 under 30: Meet the millennials who are transforming the insurance industry

Read the who’s who of the young generation in our industry, where math whizzes, product visionaries and sales stars are building a compelling future for the financial and insurance industries.

2. Global regulations: The vise on agents and advisors tightens

This comprehensive article, written by Hersch, covers the different regulations being drafted around the world, and how they are affecting the industry. “Say the word ‘compliance’ and many agents and advisors become furious about the government regulations they have to abide by, some of them seemingly useless, if not downright harmful to business.

You probably count yourself among the angry and frustrated (…) your counterparts in regions around the world are dealing with many of the same issues: mounting paperwork, beefed up requirements respecting disclosure, due diligence, and responsibilities owed the client regarding product and plan recommendations.” Hersch writes.

3. 5 possible cures for what ails LTCI

Written by Allison Bell, who covered the Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance (ILTCI) Conference held in Colorado Springs, this article discusses some of the ideas that LTCI market leaders spoke about during the conference.

4. How Dave Ramsey’s bad math leads to bad advice

From our Seriously, Dave? article series written by contributor Michael Markey, these articles have been the talk of the town, literally! Everyone is commenting, sharing, liking and posting about Markey’s controversial, thoughtful articles. Which brings us to the question that is dividing the community: Are you Team Markey or Team Ramsey?

5. National Underwriter’s 2015 Rogues Gallery

This is our annual list of the top 10 individuals, organizations or regulations (in no particular order) that are hindering — instead of helping — the life insurance, health insurance and retirement planning industries.

Emily Holbrook, Editor in Chief, National Underwriter Life & Health and Retirement Advisor; Markets Channel Editor for

“I have so many more — this was tough!” – Emily Holbrook.

1. Aging in America

Written by Annuities Channel Editor Daniel Williams this article features gerontologist Ken Dychtwald and takes readers for a ride alongside an aging America: what it looks like today and what it means to our future.

2. Leadership lessons from SEAL Team 6

After hearing Rob O’Neill speak at the NAILBA conference in Orlando in November, Holbrook felt compelled to write his story: “You may not recognize his name but I’m sure you recognize his affiliation: SEAL Team 6. 

O’Neill’s accomplishments are awe-inspiring. He is one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time,” Holbrook writes.

3. 30 under 30: Meet the millennials who are transforming the insurance industry

If you thought that millennials working in the financial and insurance industries are a myth, here’s the proof that they are currently working and being successful in this business. Here’s your chance to get to know a few, or 30, of them!

4. How 10 life insurers got their start

Our Editorial Lead and Manager, Digital CoE of the Insurance Group, Nichole Morford, wrote this timeless piece back in August that explains the background stories of many of today’s most prominent insurers.

Lynette Gil, Associate Digital Content Editor for

1. Millennials: Forcing change upon our industry and 30 under 30

“More than just being two of my favorite articles, this whole ‘millennial series’ has been the most fun to write. And even though it took me a while to interview all of the sources and track down the millennials out there in our industry, I feel like we accomplished something by giving them a voice and space in the media.” – Lynette Gil.

2.  Here’s why you should be talking to millennials, NAILBA 34

“When it came to write about a how to sell to Gen Y conference during NAILBA in Orlando, I jumped at the chance to document it. I was one of about four millennials in the audience. The impact that the music, images, videos and statistics the speaker brought to the stage had on the seniors and boomers in the room was clearly visible. I walked away with a sense of validation and the hope that our experienced counterparts could relate to us a little bit more.” – Lynette Gil.

3. For life insurers, Fed’s rate hike is small step on a long road

“The interest rate increase was definitely one of the biggest stories of the year. It was like The Boy Who Cried Wolf…the wolf finally appeared, but is it really going to gobble up all the sheep, I mean, the whole industry? Warren Hersch’s recent article explaining what is to come helps clarify a lot of points.” – Lynette Gil.

4. On the Third Hand blog series

“I always enjoy reading Allison Bell’s blogs because they are a commentary on what is really happening in the health insurance industry. Her blogs not only hit the mark by being witty with a dose of truth, but they also provide insights to what’s behind-the-scenes backed up by data.” – Lynette Gil.

Nichole Morford, Editorial Lead and Manager, Digital CoE, Insurance Group at ALM.

1. The 20 most creative people in insurance

Insurance is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and so, of course, millions of connections happen every day. Most of them go unnoticed. But every now and then, it’s worth pausing to dwell on the impressive innovation that comes from a few of the industry’s great leaders. Here are 20 of them.

2. These are the 7 steps Dave Ramsey followers really need

“About a year and a half ago, Ramsey used Twitter to lash out at several financial professionals who had been chastising his investing advice,” Markey writes. “Many financial professionals help more people in the course of their career than Dave Ramsey ever will. So this column is for you, the thousands of financial professionals who strap on your boots (boots sounds tougher than nice leather oxford shoes), and spend their days, nights, sometimes their weekends helping everyday Americans struggling with poor spending and savings habits.”

3. The top 10 IUL myths and how to debunk them contributor David C. McKnight wrote this article to “take an in depth look at the 10 most insidious myths and attempt to debunk them in a balanced, open and fair-minded way.” But, was he successful? 

Check out our Outlook for 2016 here.

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