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5 reasons you shouldn't stop blogging

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Do you publish a blog for your business? If so, you’ve probably experienced the biggest challenge of blogging: Keeping it up.

Writing a blog takes time and effort. Plus, life (and business) gets in the way. It can be easy to let your blog slip.

But if content marketing is part of your smart marketing strategy, consistent blogging is essential. In fact, letting your blog lapse can be a big marketing mistake. How do I know? I just did it.

It’s been far too long since my last blog post. I have great excuses: Major projects for clients of my marketing consulting firm, new business pitches, wrapping up my term as president of AAF-Cleveland, my daughter’s wedding – yada, yada, yada.

All this combined to create the longest gap between posts in my five years as a blogger and there’s been a direct impact on my business. Here’s what can happen when you let a blog lapse:

1. Reduced visibility:

Publishing a blog puts you front-and-center among everyone you want to influence: Clients, prospects, followers, and colleagues. By interrupting that steady flow of visibility, you let your business fall back a bit – perhaps even dropping off the radar screens of people who might want to hire your firm.

2. Lower search rankings:

My blog posts about marketing strategy, branding, and marketing campaigns have consistently resulted in top Google rankings for search terms related to my business. Not blogging for the past three months has caused my rankings to slip a bit.

3. Reduced website traffic:

A major reason I blog is to drive traffic to my website to generate new business. It works: My three most recent new clients found my company from the blogs. Traffic has been relatively steady the past three months, but a lack of new blog posts has definitely begun to reduce website visits.

4. Getting rusty:

Blogging is like any other skill – it takes practice and it needs to be a habit. When you take your eye off your blog for very long, you can get rusty, making it much harder to get back in the groove later.

5. Missed opportunities:

A lot can happen in any industry in three months. If you’re positioning your company as an industry authority or influencer, taking a break from blogging leaves you out of the conversation about important events.

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