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You need a plan

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When Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz took over the hockey team from his father, he vowed to lead them glory. And then he got to work. First, Wirtz moved to change everything about the team, from the players and staff to the media contracts. Just as important as winning the Stanley Cup (for the third time) is how he did it. He had likely formulated his plan for years before inheriting the team from his father Bill Wirtz.

I believe that the plan you develop to get to a win should be as strong as your winning idea. It should be tactical, multifaceted, thoroughly considered and reviewed by others. Inspiration and dedication are important; planning, however, is essential.

A financial advisor I know recently told me of his plans to write a book and sell a million copies. Now that would be a big win! I was very interested. When I asked him how he was going to sell that many books, he pointed to a poster on his office wall.

It was what he referred to as his “vision board.” His assistant had spent hours preparing it for him. In the center of was a picture of media personalities that would interview him after the book’s publication.

To get some clarification, I asked how he was going to get in touch with all those media tycoons to get on their shows. “I guess we’ll call them,” he said. As I was leaving, I couldn’t help but feel as if I had been on an episode of “The Office.”

Now it may be true that his book will get media coverage and he’ll sell a million copies. But I was left wondering why, if his book is going to be so great, he hadn’t spent more time on his plan. A truly great idea deserves a truly great plan.

Wirtz and the Blackhawks worked for years to make their vision of winning the Stanley Cup a reality. They took the big steps and made the tough decisions to get it done. Is your plan for your winning idea as good as it should be?

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