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Advisor Network Summit: One conference you can’t afford to miss

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The annual Advisor Network Summit in Las Vegas is a vital meeting for agents to attend. A small investment of your time and money will provide you with some of the best ideas in the industry and access to the people sharing those ideas.

Every year, agents tell me that they decided to stay in the business because they attended the Summit. Many agents have reported dramatic increases in their production after attending the Summit, resulting in double or even triple their production. Some agents credit the techniques they learned at the Summit with helping them qualify for MDRT’s Court of the Table and Top of the Table.

Attendance should probably be mandatory for people new to our business. New agents could not find a better place to build the foundation they require to earn success in our business. But the Advisor Network Summit does not rest on its laurels. Amazingly, it keeps getting better each year.

Tom Hegna will kick off this year’s Summit by sharing his “7 Steps to a Secure Retirement.”  I think he is the best possible opening speaker. I have seen his talk dozens of times, and every time, I learn something new or understand his concepts better. I return home, apply the information, and make sales that I would not have made without his guidance.

Tom explains why income allocation will be more important than asset allocation in the future. And he provides some of the most important information an insurance agent can have. Tom Hegna could open every meeting!

Here is a preview of other things you will learn at the Summit:

  • Joe Jordan will inspire you to be better by showing us why what we do is so important.

  • Josh Mellberg will explain why it is just as important to market yourself and your business to become a great salesperson. A great salesperson with no one to call on would be a tremendous waste of a valuable resource. His talk will benefit your practice immediately.

  • Sheryl Moore will return to discuss where annuities came from and how they will evolve in the future. We can all learn so much from Sheryl, because she has built a remarkable practice while overcoming many challenges.

The Summit will also present some amazing panel discussions:

  • One panel will feature the 2015 Retirement Advisor of the Year nominees and our new Advisor of the Year. All have amazing practices and we can learn so much from them.

  • Another panel will discuss the important role women play in insurance, and current NAIFA President Julie McNeely will be participating.

  • There will be an interesting panel on “Whole Life or Index Universal Life.”

  • There will be a panel that discusses important aspects of succession planning.

  • And there will be many more opportunities to learn!

I am honored to close the Summit this year, and you will definitely want to see my talk. Agents who have seen me speak before have told me they believe this is the best information I have ever shared.

I will provide sales ideas that will quickly take your practice to the next level. And I guarantee increased appointments. If you want to be better insurance and financial advisors, please do not miss my talk. Tony Robbins teaches that if you wish to have success, you should find people who are doing what you want to do and emulate them. The Summit is loaded with those kinds of people.

So make sure to join us in Las Vegas on August 5–7, 2015, and put yourself on the fast track to the success you desire!