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5 top selling tips from Vicki Gunvalson

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Advisor Vicki Gunvalson has a hit TV show, a booming practice … and a killer goal-setting strategy to boot. Here are five of her top selling tips. 

1. Be active on social media.

Social media is very important because the Baby Boomers are going to the Internet for information. So I have a strong presence on Facebook, LinkedIn. I’ve seen a lot of clients who have lost their jobs or have 401(k)s they need to rollover. So we have a strong presence on LinkedIn, and we’re building new clients from that. s2. Find your target market.

I do a women’s workshop every other month. We always have a great turnout at those because women like to be around other women. We like to know that we’re not alone if we’re single. So I cater to single, widowed or divorced women, and it’s nice. They have a little bit of a synergy between them going in. Maybe they own their own business, or maybe they’ve been employed by someone and have a pension coming in. It’s been a really nice, easy way to get into the women’s market. h3. Keep the leads coming.

It’s always about having enough prospects to keep the business going. We have a lot of overhead — 12 employees, payroll taxes, federal and state taxes. It’s definitely a lot of pressure. But I can handle it. It’s about continuing to do the right thing for the client. I get referrals, so that helps. But really, I’m consistent with my seminars. Every single month I book 2 to 4 seminars. That’s my staple business. From there, we have the branches: LinkedIn, social media, referrals. k

4. Plan regular client appreciation events.

We actually do two a year. One of them is a cruise. I take all my clients out on a yacht out of Newport Beach. It’s about nothing more than thanking them and educating them on where we’re going with the economy. Beyond that, it’s just dancing and nice food. They look forward to it. We did a holiday party last year with a shredding truck. We rolled out a red carpet with a little Santa, and the elves unloaded documents from their trunks and shredded them. We had beautiful music and catered food. It was like an open house — really lovely. k

5. Persevere.

To new advisors I would say, if this is your true passion, you’re going to go through some bad times. This is not an easy career. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. You’ve got to have a strong team behind you. And I believe in mentorship. So find somebody who is successful in your area and latch on to them. Learn from them. I didn’t have that. I did it all myself. I knew what I had to produce every single month in order to make my bills, and I never ever stopped until I made those goals. So on my board in my office, I have a goal sheet and I hit those goals every month. That way I never fall behind.