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11 life insurance logos we like

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Let’s play word association; I’ll will write a word and you think about an image.


What logo came to your mind? In my case, Coca-Cola, but maybe Pepsi in your case, or Tab. (I can’t really read your mind, yet.) Whichever image came to mind for you, it means that the marketing strategy behind it was very successful.

This is the power of great logos: that someone, somewhere, might think first of a brand — and even associate an emotion with that brand — at the mention of a single word.

In Coca-Cola’s case, they have left their logo pretty much unchanged since 1887, when it was first penned (you can see their history here), accompanied by a very intense and prevalent marketing campaign. There’s a reason why Coca-Cola is considered the world’s fourth most valuable brand by Forbes. (And don’t forget that they kind of created our version of Santa Claus, with the red pantsuit.)  

Now, which agencies, carriers or companies can you recall just by reading or thinking of the word “insurance?” I can name a few, and sing their jingles.  

Last month, we wrote about our favorite logos in the health insurance industry. Then, we asked you to send us your favorite life industry logos. You shared your logos and your stories, which is part of what makes a great brand: storytelling. Keep reading to see some of your logos, as well as a few of our favorites, listed in no particular order.  

Next month, we’ll announce our favorite logos from marketing agencies that specialize in the insurance industry. See a logo you think ought to make our list? Email it to Lynette Gil ([email protected]).

Your picks:

doug bird

Bird Insurance Agency, P.C.

“I thought you’d like to see my logo. Just a one man shop these days after 42 years, but in place of the ‘free’ insurance carrier cards, I decided I needed my own several years ago. I bet you get to see some great designs! I took over my dad’s agency when Uncle Sam said I could go home permanently in ‘72, when my father died suddenly with a heart attack at age 50.” Doug Bird CLU, ChFC, Bird Insurance Agency, P.C.

Our take:

What an awesome name, Doug Bird! It’s like the name of a superhero. You could’ve gone a lot of ways with your logo, even including an image of a real bird — which might be cheesy if not executed perfectly — but I think just having the wingspan makes your logo work. The logo is different, serious, and the color scheme works well, too. It is pleasingly traditional (and kudos for excluding the usual “dark insurance blue” from the color scheme).


Connexion Insurance Solutions

“I started working here at Connexion a few years ago and really enjoyed the naming process as well as logo development we went through. We used to be Ucentris, but as we became a general agency in 2011, we no longer focused on consumers. We changed the name in 2013 to Connexion Insurance Solutions with the focus on connecting insurance producers with carriers and their products, and adjusted the logo for the new name.

From reading your article, I can tell you appreciate design. Our design standards include an arrow and finding a path forward. Hopefully, you appreciate our diamond in the logo where the two arrows intersect (“x”). We also lightened up our red from what it was before. The blue and red were really conservative before, but we are trying to be friendly, tech-savvy and new (as a general agency in the Washington state market.)” — Steve Locke, marketing director of Connexion Insurance Solutions. 

Our take:

Simple with a modern twist on the tried-and-true insurance blues and reds are what makes the Connexion Insurance Solutions logo work. They also integrated the red arrow element on their website, which gives an energetic, forward-thinking momentum to the whole brand package.



Disability Insurance Services (DIS)

“We’re proud of our logo:” — Daniel C. Steenerson, CLU, ChFC, RHU, president, CEO of Disability Insurance Services (DIS)

Our take:

This non-traditional logo capitalizes on many elements of modern design. It’s short, to-the-point and memorable with its vibrant red and orange-yellow. Props to their marketing team: Their website is equally impressive, as is their social media branding. The whole presentation is cohesive and sharp.

Our picks:


Ace group

Multiline property-casualty insurers with personal accident, supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance, the ACE Group operates in 54 countries and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The logo’s gray and green colors give it a modern look. In fact, these two colors were selected as part of the color palette of 2015 by Better Homes and Gardens magazine, so you’ll keep seeing these shades of gray popping up everywhere. See what I did there? 



Founded in Columbus, Georgia in 1955 by brothers John, Paul and Bill Amos, the American Family Life Insurance Company later changed its name to American Family Life Assurance Company. The marketers at Aflac could be considered masterminds for coming up with a funny character, the Aflac Duck, who, upon his introduction in 2000, catapulted them from a mere 11 percent in brand recognition to over 94 percent international brand recognition. You can watch the first Duck TV ad below.

The Duck finally made it into their logo in 2005. Since then, the logo has remained largely unchanged (and it’s definitely an improvement over their old logo, below).

aflac old logo


cinicinnati insurance

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Founded in 1968, the Cincinnati Life Insurance Company offers property and casualty insurance, life and disability and annuities, among other financial services. Its logo integrates a recognizable silhouette of the John A. Roebling Suspension bridge, the city’s icon, built in 1856 (though it took 10 years to finish its construction due to economic hardships and the Civil War). The logo swims in a soothing shade of blue-green, more typical of health insurance.

gen re

Gen Re

A reinsurer with more than 40 offices worldwide, Gen Re’s logo is either a magic lamp with a genie about to come out, or a person passing along a torch. Either way, it’s interesting, different and aspirational.


Erie Insurance

What originally started as an auto insurer in 1925 in Erie Pennsylvania, today is a multi-line insurance company that includes life insurance and annuities products in 13 states. OK, so there might be a trend here with using silhouettes of known historical buildings on logos, but we just can’t help ourselves. Erie Insurance’s logo is a replica of the cupola of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Leah Knapp, the media relations liaison of Erie Insurance, told us via email.



Founded in 1887 by five local businessmen in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. logo features a bison. The logo was modernized in 2012, according to their website — but does it look like a bison or the Sphinx from Sophocle’s Oedipus the King? For us, it’s the long tail that evokes a sphinx, which is pretty cool.

liberty mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance

In 1912, it was known as the Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association, but then it went national — and what could symbolize the United States better than the Statue of Liberty? Well, maybe the stars and stripes or the bald eagle, but the Statue of Liberty is on that list, too. Liberty Mutual’s logo is both simple and patriotic, two pretty enviable traits. 

transamerica transamerica logoTransamerica

If you’ve been to San Francisco, then you’ve seen the Transamerica Pyramid building at 600 Montgomery Street. Built in 1969 and finished in 1972, the building was the tallest in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River, according to their website, and it still is the tallest building in San Francisco and Northern California.

The idea for both the building and the logo was born in 1968: If the trees in a city park could be tall and allow natural light to filter down from above, so could a pyramid-like building, which began taking shape in Transamerica’s president John R. Becket’s head. Hence, a one-of-a-kind logo was born.

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