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How to handle the holidays with prospects and clients

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Around mid-October, I start discussing “the holidays problem” in my seminars because there are several challenges you expect this time of year, starting around Halloween.

Here’s a short list:

  • We need to pay attention to our clients’ distractions (e.g. stores decorate for the holidays prematurely and it puts your prospects in a “holiday mind-set”).
  • People genuinely get frazzled this time of year
  • Most people need a gentle push to do their planning at any time, but even the gentlest push can seem harsh in a high tension time of year.
  • Your January “Call me after the holiday” leads may (or will) give you a false sense of security in the new year. 
  • You have your own family, and holiday issues and celebrations to deal with.

There is pressure to get as much business through as possible in December. LIMRA statistics say we do 30 percent of our business between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What should you do?

  1. Schedule time to think through your cases and clients. 
  2. Divide all your leads into groups. Clients who you can close are first.
  3. Acknowledge your prejudices. Call the people you like best before you call anyone you perceive as “difficult.” Success gives you energy.
  4. Schedule time to make your calls, send your emails or visit prospects at the top of your list.  If you don’t schedule it on your calendar, the time will slip away.
  5. Calling your favorite clients to just say hello and wish them a happy holiday is smart. They’ll be more inclined to give you referrals or call you when they need something. Intersperse your other calls with these calls to keep yourself going.
  6. Plan what you’re going to say before picking up the phone for all calls. 
  7. Take time to holiday shop. 
  8. Spend time with your family and friends. Even though this is an important time for your clients, your family is why you work so hard all year round.

 Have a great holiday, and good luck with your calling! Remember, Words Matter!