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5 reasons to attend the Advisor Network Summit in Las Vegas

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The place to be August 13-15 will be the Advisor Network Summit in Las Vegas.

The timing of this meeting is crucial. We are approaching a financial catastrophe. The health care system and federal entitlement programs are already facing enormous challenges just to provide current benefits. 

How will they provide the benefits that will be needed by the coming tsunami of retirees? Meanwhile, inflation has reared its ugly head, with food prices potentially doubling by 2020 and energy costs increasing dramatically.

I could go on and on. But I want to inspire you to attend this meeting. And the way to turn all of this danger into opportunity is to prepare. We are rarely able to bring together this much talent in one place.

With apologies to the many I will not have space to talk about, here are just a few reasons why I am look forward to attending this meeting (and why you should be there, too):

— Jim Brogan: The marketing genius. Brogan was the 2011 Senior Market Advisor magazine Advisor of the Year. He has dominated his community by using spectacular methodologies for marketing his services. If you only pick up one or two of his ideas, then you will dramatically increase the number of people to whom you present your services.

— Amy McIlwain: The social media wizard. Soon, one of the most important skills for an advisor will be using social media in a professional way to build and sustain your practice. There is no better person to learn from than Amy McIlwain. She is far ahead of all of us at using social media, but she understands how not to overwhelm those of us who are not as comfortable with these applications as we should be. Even if you do not attend her session, you should find McIlwain and talk to her. Her information is valuable.

— R.J. Kelly: The wise manKelly continues to provide our industry with information that is both meaningful and profitable. I read everything he writes and I am excited to have the amazing opportunity to spend a couple of days asking him questions. He will provide you with ideas that will help you to successfully serve your clients. — Steven McCarty: The ethical guru. Can we sell ethically and still be successful? There is no doubt. In fact, it is imperative that we do so. McCarty is the chairman of the National Ethics Association, and he will provide important insights we can use immediately to become successful and significant, without compromising our principles.

— Sheryl Moore: The annuities expert. I read everything she writes, and I even have a Sheryl Moore file. Moore has helped me to better understand the complexities of fixed indexed annuities, as well as the proper use of the income and withdrawal riders available on annuities. I can’t wait to finally meet her in person.

And there are many, many others—including me! Not only am I attending the Advisor Network Summit, but I am the opening speaker and have a session on the second day.

Now, some of you may think that you have seen me speak before, but you have not seen my new material. I have many new questions for getting appointments. And I will share a four-question interview that inspires your prospects to take action. I will also share a sales idea that can build millions of dollars of annually recurring premium.

You will leave this conference and be able to make more sales immediately. The Advisor Network Summer really is a can’t-miss event. For more information and to register, visit

I hope to see all of you there!