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The best way to start every prospecting pitch

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What producers are doing to get new clients isn’t working, so why not just do more of the same? I suppose the results will change. Or will they? Why do professional athletes have coaches? One of the reasons is to fix problems.

This article is for the veteran salespeople who just need to change with the times. It’s shocking to find producers who don’t know what a URL is. Keeping up with technology can open doors of opportunity.

Have you ever had a prospect ask what you do, only to turn you down for an appointment after you have feebly explained your practice? Have you ever had someone say, “Mail me something.” We all have. So, you send them to your website built on a template site by your teenage son’s best friend. Wow, that’s impressive. The only reason you have a website is because someone convinced you that you needed one. Since your brochure is online in the form of a website, you give them your URL (web address). Will they go there? How will you know? Reruns of Seinfeld are more interesting. Those discussions can become very productive with the use of very simple technology. Yes, you can do this! Your five-year-old knows more about technology than most producers and that’s sad.

Here’s a simple, yet very effective method you can use to get your prospect to take a peek at your practice. Google “” You will discover a way to present your practice to prospects in just 15 minutes. They will be engaged and interested in an appointment. allows you to show someone what is on your computer screen. You will control the discussion because you will control the mouse.  

Here’s the call: “Hi, John, this is Kim Magdalein. Our mutual friend, Bill, said that you might be able to use my service. Do you have just a few minutes now or would another time be better? Fifteen minutes will get you everything you need to determine whether I can be of benefit. Great, can you get to your computer for just a few minutes?”

Why this method? Prospects will be more comfortable going to their computer than making an appointment right away. Their computer is a small commitment and won’t be threatening. Taking this step helps to move the process along without losing them.

When you get them to the computer screen, show them your website. Make sure you have your most powerful opportunity available to catch their attention. Make sure you cover the purpose of your call. If it’s to sell life insurance, have a sample illustration ready. Show them term insurance, calculate the premium while on the phone and show them how to come to a decision. If you sell annuities, show them a quick look at some impressive results. If you are a Social Security planner, show them a sample plan. If you want to draw, show them some calculations; do it for them right then. The ideas are endless. Show them your credentials. Point them out. Introduce your powerful and effective money manager and results. Draw them a chalk talk using Let your imagination run wild. If you can get a prospect on the phone, you can get them to your presentation.

Create brief PowerPoint presentations that can walk your prospects through concepts with pictures from Google images. My slideshows explain my practice and the benefits my clients get from doing business with me. I can show them how to save money, help them pay off debts, protect their family, help them retire early, or retire comfortably without worries. I can show allocation splits. I can show them college savings. Everything can be done online. I never have to leave my home office, until I want to get some signatures.

When I meet them, a face-to-face application is in my briefcase. What’s in yours?

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