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10 more points that help you sell

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  • “Ms. Prospect, give me a good reason for not buying life insurance. One that your widow and children will understand.”
  • “Mr. Prospect, someone always pays for life insurance, whether or not you buy the policy. The questions is, who pays — you or your family?”
  • “Ms. Prospect, are you concerned about how your property will be transferred to the next generation?”
  • “Mr. Prospect, what, if anything, has changed since you last purchased life insurance?”
  • “Ms. Prospect, can you think of any other plan that enables you to bequeath to your family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars before you earn them?
  • “When you die, your company will die — unless you have planned ahead.”
  • “Ms. Business Owner, if your partner dies, would you be willing to take over his share of the work and let his widow take over his share of the profits?”
  • When a key person dies, problems often develop. As the company searches for a replacement, it might experience a financial slump. Competitors take advantage of its lost momentum, and customers may lose confidence in it. Creditors demand immediate payment, employees may search for other jobs, and debtors delay their payments. The company’s most valuable asset — its key person — is destroyed. Unless the firm has been wise enough to purchase key-person life insurance, it won’t be compensated for the loss of this asset. All of these problems can be solved by cash … in other words, by life insurance.
  • “Ms. Prospect, you tell me that you are uninsurable. We both agree that you need the insurance, and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to find an insurance company that will issue a policy for you. There are companies that specialize in problems just like yours.”
  • Objection: “I have enough insurance.” Response: “Ms. Prospect, let’s assume that you won $500,000 in the lottery. Could you quit your job and live on that amount of money for the rest of your life? That is what you are asking your family to do if anything happens to you.”

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