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How do you tell your story?

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Why aren’t more people coming to you for the services you offer? You bring value, your clients know you do a great job for them, and you charge a fair fee. So why doesn’t the word spread about you as fast as it may for some other financial professionals?

Word spreads when there is something interesting to say. Lead generation and prospecting is successful when the messaging you use, and others use about you, is interesting and powerful. It is highly likely that if someone else is doing more business than you, it is because they have a better presentation of their value. The presentation you make about your value is the key factor to being able to not only drive more people to you, but command the fees you believe you are worth.

Who’s Banksy?

Will someone know what you are worth if they don’t know your story? Recently a renowned artist who has sold individual pieces for hundreds of thousands of dollars including one piece for $1.8 million, set up on a Saturday in New York’s Central Park selling artwork for $60. The artist, Banksy, had only three buyers all day and one woman even negotiated a 50 percent discount for two pieces she purchased.

The media was buzzing about this because of what people missed in Central Park. The real issue, however, is why no one saw the value in what he was selling. Was Banksy’s art really less valuable in Central Park on that day? Was he less of an artist? No, his story wasn’t being told. And, his art had a perceived lack of value because he was selling each for $60. This renowned artist could barely get any lookers or buyers all day!

Imagine what would have happened if there was someone nearby who was informing people that this was the famed artist, Banksy, who was offering his incredibly valuable works of art for one day only here in Central Park as a way of sharing his works and his good fortune with the people of New York. He would have sold out in five minutes.

Are you telling your story?

Is anyone else telling your story for you? You may think that people (including your current clients) know what you do. However, getting better at telling the simple story of what you do, how you do it, and why you do it will impact your perceived value … and your referrals!

To tell your story, don’t start by telling people only what you do but instead tell the what directly alongside the why you do it and why it may matter to them. For instance: “I’m a financial advisor specializing in retirement planning. I got into this business because of my interest in investing and research. I stay in this business because of the more than 100 clients that I am grateful to have helped to successfully retire…”

Sharing the why is more interesting and meaningful perhaps than stating that you offer investment management services, financial planning, and “blah, blah, blah.” But this is just the start to sharing your presentation of value. For instance, when you are talking about your investment process consider following it with “…And let me tell you specifically why this impacts you…” Because if it’s not interesting to them, it just won’t work and word will not spread.