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Better than better

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Explaining to prospects that hiring you will mean they will get “better” service, products and solutions may seem like a logical approach. However, it’s not always effective.

For instance, if someone asks why he should do business with you as opposed to the firm across the street, you could begin by listing the “betters” that you offer:

  • Better communication
  • Better service
  • Better products
  • Better outcomes
  • Better affiliates, etc.

The problem with inferring that you’re “better” is that your prospect won’t believe you. Think of the detergent aisle at your grocery store. If you see a jug of detergent with a big “NEW AND IMPROVED” emblazoned across it, do you immediately buy it because you are sure that now, finally, your clothes will get cleaner? No, of course not! You don’t actually believe it will be that much better. And, it’s risky to suddenly start buy a different laundry detergent (not as risky as hiring a new financial advisor, but you get the point).

What we need to be is different. If we can, we need to share what is truly unique about what we do — and not compare ourselves to others. So, what is unique about you and your firm? I would say it’s the people inside. The founder, lead advisor, portfolio manager and staff make your company different. These people can’t be found anywhere else. And, 80 percent of the reason your clients choose your firm is because of you, not your products. In fact, they may not even know specifically which products they want until long after they’ve agreed to do business with you.

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Maribeth Kuzmeski is the founder of Red Zone Marketing, LLC, which consults to Fortune 500 firms on strategic marketing planning and business growth. For more information, go to