Which market will the uninsured choose? (LHP photo/Allison Bell)

Much of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act health insurance responsibility promotional effort could end up helping brokers, carrier direct sales programs and other traditional individual policy distributors.

Gallup analysts have raised the possibility that PPACA could boost sales through more traditional sales channels in a new survey report.

The analysts found 25 percent of the uninsured want to stay that way next year, even if it means they have to pay a fine.

About two-thirds of adults uninsured adults, though, say they’re more likely to buy health insurance than pay the fine.

But only half of the uninsured said they plan on getting that coverage through the public exchange system. Another 17 percent said they hadn’t decided or had no opinion.

In fact, more than a third of uninsureds surveyed said they want to buy it through some channel other than the exchange.

The analysts gave those figures in a summary of results from a survey of 5,099 U.S. adults. 

About 68 percent of the uninsured participants are now aware of the mandate, up from 56 percent in June, but 51 percent said they’re still not at all familiar with the exchange system.

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