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How to build a quality relationship with each client

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No business establishment can make it far without quality relationships. However, establishing these quality relationships with each client does not come easily. You must have specific attributes or techniques that will keep clients wanting to come back to your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • As a business a person, are you and your team passionate about what you are doing?
  • Is your team conveying to clients that you are competent enough to handle their concerns?

In every aspect of your direct contact with the client, make sure that you bring out the professionalism that is in you. Be purposeful. Add value. Follow a coherent system. Your system should put your clients at ease. They want to know that you know where you are going.

For instance, work on avoiding “gabble” talks. In essence, keep the small talk small. The two-hour appointment is becoming more and more rare. The attention span of my clients is very short. I suspect your clients can’t listen for that long either.

Be friendly with your clients. Your mood will influence the direction of every meeting or interaction. Be sure to shake their hand and look directly into their eyes while addressing them. This is a clear indication to your client that you are concerned about them and will give them all the attention that they require. This gives them confidence in you, and they will be more willing to conduct future business with you.

Customers will always gravitate toward the person who is capable of resolving their problem. You must establish trust in the relationship and always ask open-ended probing questions.  Allowing them to talk will help you understand what they’re looking for, and how they feel about any product recommendations. After talking with them (oftentimes more than once), you should be in a position to come up with the best way of meeting their needs effectively and ensuring that the relationship is strengthened.

Don’t rush into having them trust you; rather let it grow. This takes patience and time. Simple things that some people tend to ignore can gain trust. For instance, you can choose to ignore or act upon your customer’s feedback or comments. Showing them that you care about their feedback and comments goes a long way toward building trust.

Continue to make your clients feel special by learning about their likes, dislikes and preferences.  Sending them a sample of a great coffee you found only works if they are coffee drinkers. Always remember that each client desires individualized attention. Especially when you are doing business with someone, one size hardly ever fits all.

When people authentically feel special, they are more likely to do business with you and refer you to new people. A referral is the highest compliment a customer can give you. And you are receiving that referral because you earned it. Be thankful and acknowledge the referral. It is a big deal.


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