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How to live in the present

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Ghandi is quoted as saying, “Live like you will die tomorrow and learn like you will live forever.” I wish that I could inspire everyone in our industry to adopt those two magnificent ideas as their core values.

Most of us live in fear or we don’t live at all. We make excuses. We tell everyone that “when we have the right policy” or “when we have the right interest rate,” then we will achieve success. If only we had the right company or the right manager, then we could qualify for the Million Dollar Round Table.

One speaker I have heard says those people are living in the land of “Someday I will.” “Someday, when everything comes together, I will find my greatness.” Anyone who thinks that way will never see their dreams become reality. They have given up their control.

I thought that way for my first 16 years in the business. But I was fortunate, and I transformed my life. You can too. You can find ways to control your destiny. Here are some ideas to help you become successful. Try them!

1. Live in the present. The past is done, and your future is built by really living in the present.

2. Set goals in writing. I suggest that you plan how much insurance, annuities, long-term care, and mutual funds you will show, not how much you will sell. That will eliminate fear. Many times we assume people don’t want what we are selling, so we don’t even show them. By the way, the more you show our products, the more confident you will become. Repetition is how everyone learns.

3. Practice. Professionals never wing it. Design and learn a presentation based on asking questions. When the presentation is ready ask friends, neighbors and relatives if you can practice on them. After the presentation, you should ask them five questions:

  1. “What was interesting?”
  2. “What was boring?”
  3. “What did you understand?”
  4. “What didn’t you understand?”
  5. “And finally, if you knew my intention was to sell you something, what did you find compelling enough to inspire positive action?”

I will make you a wager: if you do 10 of these practice presentations, you will sell two of them. You will also become one of the most practiced insurance and financial professional in the country.

When you finally make the decision to learn something new about our industry every day, you will understand this phrase, “the insurance business is inside of us.”

I am filled with joy! I never feel like I am working and I learn something new every day. I am an insurance and financial professional.

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