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Have you forgotten your goals? Part 2.

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Most people start pursuing their goals — especially New Year’s resolutions — with great passion. But over time, they lose momentum, burn out and put their dreams aside. If this happens to you, it’s a clear-cut sign that your goals are not sustainable. In this article, you’ll discover how to get back on track toward your goals — and accelerate your momentum.

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1. Declare your intentions. When you’re clear about which goals to work on, you can increase your commitment by publicly declaring your intentions. Share your goals with the people in your life — the more, the better. You’ll be more likely to take action toward achieving your goals when the alternative is losing face with your loved ones.

If the threat of public humiliation isn’t enough, you can also incorporate a negative consequence. Find something that will be painful for you to do, and publicly commit to enduring the consequence if you don’t achieve your goal.

Some people are more motivated by rewards than punishments. If this describes you, find a reward that you’ll receive upon completion of your goal. This could be anything from a vacation or new car to something simpler, such as treating yourself to a new outfit, handbag or massage. Rewards are a powerful way to motivate your inner child.

2. Create accountability. Most of us find it easy to let ourselves off the hook. We can quickly justify why we haven’t followed through on our commitment to take action on a particular day, just as we can easily make excuses about why we missed our targets completely.

If you find yourself frequently slipping into these habits, an accountability partner could be a huge benefit to you. In fact, I believe so strongly in accountability partners that I ask participants in my annual “Breakthrough to Success” retreat to pair up before they leave.

Accountability partnerships work as follows: Each morning, you hold a five-minute phone call during which you each share what you’re committing to do that day. The next morning, report to your partner on your progress from the previous day and share what you’ll accomplish in the coming 24-hour period. Knowing that your partner will be asking whether you fulfilled your commitments the day before can be a powerful motivator for getting tasks completed.

A proven twist on accountability partnerships is working toward your goal with another person. For example, I meditate with my wife every morning. We hold each other accountable for that activity. If I sleep in too late, I can count on Inga to wake me up and say, “Come on, we’re meditating now.”

If you find that having a friend or colleague serve as your accountability partner is not enough, consider hiring a professional, such as a coach or trainer. These individuals may be better equipped to recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs as well as hold you accountable for taking action. And if you’re someone who hates to waste money, knowing that you’re paying someone to hold you accountable might just be the motivation you need to keep your commitments.

Get back on track today. It’s normal to veer off course when pursuing goals. Sometimes this happens because we’re not truly committed to our goals. Other times, it’s because we struggle to hold ourselves accountable for doing the necessary work. Use the tips in this article to get yourself back on track so that you can make progress and turn your dreams into reality.

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