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The best-kept secret to success

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Agents ask me all the time for my secret to success. The answer is one of the most poorly disguised “secrets” in our industry. My secret is: ACTIVITY! I usually run 30 to 50 appointments per week.

Even agents who are poor presenters can achieve success if they have enough appointments. But many charming, well-spoken and attractive agents fail because they don’t see enough people.

Many agents tell me that they sell almost everyone they have an appointment with. Then, I ask them how many appointments they have per week. Sadly, the answer is usually only three to five. If they could double or even triple their appointments, they could achieve the success they dream about.

Why don’t they see more people? They have many answers and many excuses, including no strategy for obtaining referrals, anxiety and even laziness. Also, some agents fail to deliver a compelling reason for prospects to meet with them.

Most agents do not do the work necessary to be successful because they do not clearly understand their role. The secret for happiness is not what we get, it is what we give. This is a service industry. You do not serve your clients by shuffling papers in your office.

Be referable

Referrals are not achieved by asking for them. They are given to agents who are referable. That refer-ability comes from serving and providing compelling information that our prospects and clients want to share with their family and friends.

How do we become interesting? How do we share compelling information that everyone wants to know about? We ask spectacular questions that Americans want answers to. You are a salesperson if you share information. You are a counselor if you ask questions. Americans hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Assist them. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

• What is the best age to take your Social Security? Don’t you want to be sure you take the best benefit available?

• Do you know how to prevent increased taxes from harming your retirement and investments? Do you know how to actually get those taxes to work to your benefit?

• Why is inflation such a damaging challenge to retirees? Do you know how you could use inflation to your advantage?

• What if there was a way to guarantee income even if you ran out of money? Wouldn’t you want to know about it?

If you want success in 20 years, continue to run three to five appointments a week. But if you desire success in a year or less, you need to get in front of more people. Activity is the fastest way to learn how to do what we do.

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