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A different kind of Valentine's Day gift

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Your clients can do something different for their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, and maybe every Valentine’s Day after: take steps to ensure a financial future together. Romantic? Well, maybe not in the traditional sense, but there are still ways to say “I love you” while taking actions to show you mean it. Here are a few novel gift ideas for your romance-minded clients this month:

- Rather than buying an expensive bauble, as the ads would have us do, your client can give a loved one a picture of a dream vacation spot or a romantic cruise (think Paris, Florence, Buenos Aires) to be taken three years from now. How? By preparing an investment plan just for that purpose. It is a unique way to plan and save for a special, fun gift and gets your clients thinking of fun reasons to invest.

- A client could also give a mate a review of his or her life insurance policy. I know, it’s not as sexy as lingerie. But it can be packaged such that it’s proof of your client’s love for that person. (Maybe urge your client to include a romantic gift inside!) Your client doesn’t have life insurance? What’s a better expression of love for his or her family than to be prepared financially should something happen? Couples should each have a policy with each other and the kids (or trust) as beneficiaries.

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- Your client can schedule a couples date … to review their financial plan. Meeting with you for an annual review is a tangible act that your client and his or her spouse can do every year. To make the review more interesting, they can follow it up with a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway. That way, they can enjoy the event more, knowing their plan is on track.

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Simply changing the way your client looks at his or her financial life — which, although vital, is not very exciting — can make it fun. Helping your clients establish this habit will ensure they and their loved ones are doing the right and necessary things now to provide a financially worry-free future.

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