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50 best ways to generate leads: Tips 31-40

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40.   Seek personal introductions.

A person who is personally introduced has already been “warmed-up” to me and knows why he is seeing me.

-William E. Spar

39.  A helping hand.

I offer assistance claiming life insurance or annuity policies to all my clients’ families. The local funeral home knows that I help people out for free so they send a lot of people my way too.

-Brandie Hunter

mobile38.   Be true to your word.

Clients want advisors that will do what they say they will do and do it in a timely way. We provide not only our office but our cell phone numbers on our business cards.

-Mark Pruitt

37.    Get the word out.

I place local ads including those in church and other non-profit newsletters/magazines when targeting prospective clients. Ads in local/city/county business magazines help when prospecting alliances with other professionals.

-M.J. McDonnell

teacher36.  School pays.

I work with school employees and work my way through contacts in an entire school district. Historically, I helped some schools raise money for books, and in the process, I became a part of their community, more than just a financial advisor. In schools, one lead generates another.

-Joel Cahn

35.    Just ask.

I’m simply asking for them now…both in my emails (when making a recommendation, I conclude by saying “I would like to share this great idea with others. Please let me know of anyone you know that I should send this information to.”) and then I ask them when I call.

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-Scot Shier

dinner party34.    Share a meal.

Small, private client celebration dinners work for me. The client invites two to three couples who are celebrating retirement, a new home, bon voyage on an extensive trip/vacation, new grandchild, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other personal events. The introductions are much more relaxed and intimate. Bonding with the new prospects (the clients’ guests) is much easier, and the request for a referral need not be mentioned. A personal invitation can easily be made to the attendees at these functions.

-Virginia Wright

33.    Hot topics.

Pique the interest of others by touching on today’s hot topics in your marketing material. Then offer a commercial describing the solutions you can provide. Be clear that more data would be appropriate to be discussed, and ask when a meeting could be held.

-Jeffrey Cornell

telephone32.    Stop cold calling.

It’s a total waste of time. Your time. The prospect’s time. Research shows it takes nine to 12 touches to reach a prospect with a cold call campaign, and you get voicemail 80 percent of the time. In addition, you convert less than 10 percent into clients. Why bother?

-Joanne S. Black

31.   “Don’t Miss the Boat” event.

One of the most successful strategies I’ve seen for raising the awareness of referrals and bringing in a stream of new business is called the “Don’t Miss the Boat” event. Yes, it may be a little gimmicky, but this is an event we’ve never seen fail — it has consistently produced referrals and results. This event is similar to a client appreciation event, however, the only people that are invited to this event are clients that have referred others to your firm.

-Maribeth Kuzmeski

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